Suggested Links

SR Dressage ~ Sabine clinics at Blue Banner Farm regularly. She holds an International Trainer’s Passport (Level 3) from The Netherlands and has more than 30 years experience as a rider and trainer of sport horses. Sabine trains horses and instructs riders from Training Level through Grand Prix.

Cathy Schreiber ~ Cathy gives riding instruction to all ages and levels of riders. She focuses on beginning with correct position and aids ands helps the rider understand how to communicate with their horse.

Tucson Dressage Club ~ TDC strives to promote interest in and understanding of the principles and ideas of dressage through their many programs and shows.

Arizona Dressage Association ~ a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to promote the advancement of classical dressage through educational opportunities and programs, and the rigorous evaluations received at recognized and schooling dressage shows.

USEF ~ United States Equestrian Federation

Sherry’s Animal Art ~ Featuring wild animals and other subjects painted in watercolor and other water media. Explore the subjects through a close-up look into their expressions captured in paintings and other products. In addition to being an outstanding artist, Sherry is both a boarder at Blue Banner and a huge help at the farm.

Static-Free Design ~ Isadora Hale at Static-Free produces websites, print design and photography specializing in the equine industry in Tucson, Arizona.

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